Monday, October 6, 2014

Shiprock Pinnacle, NW New Mexico

 Yesterday afternoon we headed out to see and photograph Shiprock Pinnacle. This landmark named for it's ships sail like shape rises 1600 feet above the desert floor approx. 40 miles west of Farmington, NM. The pinnacle is actually the harden core of an ancient volcano in which the outer mountain has eroded away leaving the harden magma in place.

 There are also two exposed lava tubes, now walls, extending to the south (shown) and to the west, each about a mile or so long. These walls are only about 10 feet thick and rise a couple of hundred feet above the desert floor as they approach the pinnacle.

Last of the evening light.

This is one of many unique sights contained with in the Navajo Nation. Unfortunately we will only get to visit a couple of these during this years visit, the next being Monument Valley.

We'll be passing by Shiprock again on Friday as we head west, however I wanted to get some shots of the unique landmark in the evening light. Hope you enjoy them.

Thanks for coming along on this latest adventure and we'll see you back here again soon.

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