Thursday, October 9, 2014

Early Navajo Pueblitos

 Yesterday, Sheryl and I went out in search of some early Navajo Pueblitos (small above ground masonry structures) out on BLM backroads. These Pueblitos date to the late 1600s to early 1700s. Most were built on cliff tops and took some hiking and scrambling to reach.

 This Pueblito had four rooms with the only entrance being from the roof top. The roof of this one is over 300 years old, hard to believe when a little wind storm destroys todays modern roofs!!!

 This Pueblito know as the Hooded Fireplace Ruin, for the unusual fireplace and dated to 1723.

Perched up on the cliffs helped keep them safe and easy to defend against the raiding Ute tribes from the north.

Sheryl spotted many pieces of broken pottery around each site. (yes, they were placed right back where there were found)

Some even built up on large boulders for max protection.

Should you be in the area and want to see out these, the arches and or the petroglyphs, remember these are located deep in BLM land and a high clearance 4x4 vehicle is required.

Our time here in Aztec has come to an end, we'll be heading to Monument Valley in northen Arizona/southern Utah tomorrow. Don't know if we'll have much in the way of internet access for the next few days, so check back and see if were here.

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