Friday, June 24, 2016

Poor Scrappey Doo and His Boo Boo

Poor Scrappey Doo got all stressed out at the groomers yesterday and ended up popping a blood vessel in his little eye. Didn't look to bad yesterday, but this morning it was looking pretty rough, so off to the vet he went. The local vet refereed us to a doggie optometrist for emergency care. Long story short, the specialist said all looked ok and he should be fine in a week or so. Thank Goodness, we were worried he could loose his vision or west his eye.
On a lighter note. The toilet paper holder in the bathroom was a hoot.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

It's Always Something

As with any RV, there's always something going on with them. As for our new coach, two plumming leaks have been detected. I was able to fix the first one, easy pesy. The second one was a bit beyond my skill and availible tool level. Seems the other day we walk into the bedroom and the carpet by the bathroom sink area is wet....of course we both go into minor panic mode as it had rained the day before. We'll I looked under the bathroom sink area and there it was, a wet cold water hose going up to the sink....damn. but at least I found the culprit. A little further investigation revealed a sink connection I'd never seen before and knew I didn't have the tools needed to take it apart. So lucky for us there are some very good Mobile RV Repair guys in the area. So I contacted the one we like to use the most. He was able to come out the same day to assess  the problem. Long story short, a new faucet was needed as they don't offer the repair parts needed to fix it. Ok, simple enough, install a new faucet and be done.....nope. seems they don't sell the same style faucet with braided water lines anymore. Had to get one with solid copper lines and then make extensions for them to reach the RV water lines, way beyond my skill level. Of course more and more RV'S are coming with residential style fixtures, which of course come at a higher cost then the cheaper RV fixtures, so we just had to bite the bullet there. Anyway, $280.00 later we are all fixed and with a shiny new bathroom faucet. Ok. That's the new news with our new to us rig, I'm sure we'll  find other little things that need attention as we get to know it more and more. So take care and we'll see you fine folks back here again!!!

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Our New (to us) Home, Motorhome That Is

 Well it's been a crazy couple of months, so not much, if any posting going on, but things have settled down and we have big news!!! By the pictures and title, I'm sure you can guess what it is! Yes, it's a new to us 2005 39' Holiday Rambler Endeavor. After a couple of years of going back and forth about buying a new rig and weather it should be gas or diesel we finally pulled the trigger on this baby. Out of all the rigs we have looked at, nothing seemed quite right for us and we actually gave serious thought to going back to a 5th wheel and that's when we found this one. We were looking at 5th wheels and just weren't "feeling them" like we thought we would. The salesman told us he knew we weren't looking for another motorhome, but he had this really clean 4 slide one if we wanted to look at it. We told him about our price concerns, he said it actually would be cheaper than the 5th wheel/truck combo we were looking at. Long story short, we looked, we loved, we bought!!!
The transfer went really easy, we boxed up most of our stuff and loaded it in the Jeep and boxed the remaining stuff, leaving it in the motorhome, so come moving day, it was all just a transfer of boxes, nice and easy.

 So, this is our new baby and we couldn't be happier with our choice and purchase. The paint is in great shape with hardly a nick or scratch on it.

 The inside is so roomy and actually feels very homey. A couch and a recliner for seating.

 The kitchen has more space than our old one. One thing we have to get used to is the convection oven in place of the standard one, but hey a small price to

 The free standing dinette was a must have (we're not big booth people). Lots of storage cabinets, so not missing anything there.

 Probably Sheryl's favorite part is the residential refrigerator the previous owner had installed, wow what a difference in space.

 Another item that sold us is the built in desk, again lots of storage and a file cabinet to boot.

Of course the bedroom, pretty standard, however the 2 slides and built in washer dryer make it extra special.
The previous owner took excellent care of the coach as well as having almost every option installed, plus installing several other niceties. All and all a great coach inside and out for a 2005.

So that's our new home and we are a happy as we can be. We are still here in OKC and will be till August. We'll be heading out for just a bit as we have to be back here for Sheryl's youngest daughters wedding at the end of October, then we will be Key West bound again for the winter.

So with the craziness over with, I can get back to posting more often. Make sure you check our facebook  page for more frequent updates and we'll see you back here again soon!!!