Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Newborn Photo Shoot with Elliana

 The other day Sheryl and I had the honor of doing a Photo Shoot with our new little granddaughter Elliana. Kaileigh wanted some nice pictures done before the little one got much older. Here she is all of a week and a half old.

 This dress was made by Elliana's Great, Great, Great Grandmother back in very early 1900s Kansas. It is made from a flour sack and then hand stitched. What a treasured way to preserve the past and family history.

 Beautiful little foot

 Another Handmade dress from the same era.

Daddy's Touch

Sheryl and I had a great time capturing these memories for Josh and Kaileigh. For our first time ever photographing a newborn, I think we got some pretty good shots.
The weeks are going by with not much going on, except of course spending time with our new little one (Sheryl just can't get enough Grandma time)!!! and daily life. We have also been getting all our yearly doctor, dentist and eye appointments taken care of while we're here.
So with that being said, we'll leave you with the shots of our little one and see you back here again. 

Monday, March 10, 2014

Elliana Has Arrived!!!

 At 11:56 am today, our little Grand Daughter Elliana made her appearance into the world. Kaileigh and Josh did a natural home birth and all went well. Sheryl the proud Grandma was there every step of the way. We got the call at 2 something this morning and rushed right over. It was great that Sheryl got to witness and help with the birth and husband Josh actually was able to deliver his daughter. My Job, keep Clara out of the house and entertained. At about 3pm Clara and I were able to come back and see the little one.

Clara the proud big sister.

These are just a couple of cell phone pics to announce her birth. We'll get some better ones after everyone has recovered in a day or two. We are all super excited and very proud of Josh and Kaileigh for how well everything went.
That's the big news for today so until next time...................

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Photo Contest Entry

A local camera store here in OKC has a monthly Photo Contest. This months theme is silhouette, so I thought I'd throw my name in the hat with this one. It was taken on the beach at the RV Park on Navel Air Station Pensacola. Wish me luck!!!

Friday, March 7, 2014

Glowing Pregnacy Pic's

 Went out with our daughter the other day to get some pregnancy pictures before the baby makes her debut. It was a pretty cold day so we kinda rushed through the shoot, however I believe we got some pretty good shots. We also had little Clara along and let her get in on the action.

The little one still hasn't arrived as of today, but we are hoping soon, as is momma, she is so ready to be un-pregnant. That's all for now, and we'll see you back here again soon with good news!!!

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Pelican 1510

 Woke up this morning to 12 degrees, snow and ice, burrrrrrrr. Sounds like a good day to stay inside and work on the blog a little. As before, just a whole lot of day to day life going on, however I did get in a new toy as you can see. As I acquire more and more camera gear, my inexpensive soft case just isn't cutting it, so a more sturdy solution was needed. The second and main reason for the new case, was to be able to take my big camera out on the water and in the kayaks without worry. All kayaking pictures up to this date have all been taken with a small point and shoot or our phone. Not to say they haven't come out pretty good, but it will be nice to get a longer lens and better quality.

I did look at several less expensive options, but none had the water proofing I felt comfortable trusting my gear to. So I decided to bite the bullet once and get the best, enter the Pelican Case. If you are not familiar with these cases, they are pretty much bullet proof as well as air and water tight. You can order these cases in all sizes and shapes to fit your needs. They also come with three different interior options, no foam at all, a divider system or what they call Pick and Pluck foam where you can customize it to your needs. I chose the Pick and Puck for the best protection for my amount of gear. So now we're just waiting for Spring to finally show signs of coming so we can get out on the water again.
On another note, still no grand baby yet as the little stinker is staying put as long as she can and to her moms displeasure, poor Kaileigh is so done with being pregnant and ready for baby. Well, thats it for now, just waiting for her arrival and living life, so until next time.............................