Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Putting a Little Light on the Subject

 Running with an idea we got from a couple we met in Carthage, MO. (thanks again Jack and Mary) We went down to our local store and picked up a couple sets of LED XMas lights. We strung one set above the front cabinets and one set above our livingroom slide.

 Both strings connect together and make for some nice mood lighting. Later on we may replace the XMas style light with 12 volt LED Strips, which we will be able to hide much better, but just wanted to see how we liked it first.

 I had originally picked up a rope light for inside, but didn't like the way it laid. I was wondering what to do with it, when it hit me, how about outside. So after looking around and deciding how to mount it,

I ran it along the bottom of the outside storage area just behind the doors. With the storage compartments being made of plastic, I was able to use the mounting hardware that came with the lights. Now we have a little mood lighting outside with the added benefit of the stairs being lit.
These couple of simple and inexpensive mods sure make a big impact on the ambiance both inside the rig and out.
Just a quick, spur of the moment mod I want to share with everyone. It is still looking good for our departure on Friday. So, until next time..............................

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Great News!!!

First off, we have Great News!!! (well, for us anyway) One of the main reasons we came back to OKC and ended up staying longer than planned, was a medical condition Sheryl was really worried about and needed a second opinion on. We were referred to a second doctor, who ran several tests and a follow up to discuss the results. Well, the results all turned out very good and much better than either of us thought, Woo Hoo!!! Sheryl still has the condition, but it is nothing to worry about now and we can begin our journey south. So we'll be leaving OKC this Friday!!!

 Sheryl hasn't just been sitting around doing nothing mind you, she has been a busy girl working on baby blankies for our soon to be born grand children. Sheryl ensures each grandchild receives a hand made blanket to keep as a heirloom and of course be used! This particular one turned out really soft and cuddly, heck I mite even have to keep that one for me....lol

As we were out and about town yesterday, I just had to stop and get a shot of this sign. Makes you wonder, don't people stop and think, even just a little before they name something. It just struck us as funny when we first saw it.

Ok, just a quick update, I was so happy I just had to let the good news out, so we'll be off and running before long. Ok, until next time.....................................

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Saturday Soccer

Saturday we finally got the chance to catch one of our Grand Daughters Soccer Games. We must say she is quite the player, as you can tell by the serious look on her face in most of the shots. It was fun watching her and it sure did bring back memories of doing the same thing with our kids and all their sports. With that, I'll leave you with a few shots of the game. Oh, and her team won!

Of course you can't have soccer without a couple of cute Soccer Moms!!!

Ok, hope you enjoyed and that's it for now, we'll see you back here again before long................................

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Another Week Down Here in OKC

 Another week has passed here in OKC, but we haven't been sitting on our laurels. We've been staying pretty busy, which is good as it makes the time go by between Doc appts. Speaking of which, so far good news all around for Sheryl as all her tests and appts have been very positive. Just one more test and a follow up to discuss them, woo hoo!!! One thing they do have here on the base, like most bases is a really nice Thrift Store. We like to support it when possible as they do a lot of good for the base youth. The other day I stopped by and found a tool box with drawers I have always wanted one, but have been to cheap to buy new. The price was more than right so my new find came home with me, and I must say, it makes finding your tools so much easier.

 I finally started the extra large project I've been meaning to get to for a while, waxing the rig. First thing was removing the dried on road oil I picked up driving through a road construction site. A little grease and wax remover did the trick. Luckily it was only along the bottom on the passenger side. Then a coat of wax. Now this is taking some time as I'm only doing a little bit at a time, so it my take a couple of weeks, no sense killing myself right???

 Another project that came in the mail was new front windshield curtains. Our old ones (15 years old now) were beginning to look a little rough, ok, alot rough and were in desperate need of replacing. Sheryl found a site online, had them send us some samples and 10 days later we had a new set of custom made curtains. They look so much better and pretty much complete our total interior renovation.

 One project we were not expecting was our rear A/C unit to go on the fritz. It began making a pretty loud noise, so much that people were asking us if we were running our generator. Ok, time to get it looked at. Called on the local Mobile RV guy (with a good track record here in the park) and had him come out for a look. He found the problem right away, fan motor bearings were shot, went and picked up a new motor and had us up and running in no time. I try to be pretty handy fixing things around the RV as needed, but there are somethings I just don't have the knowledge or inclination to deal with. Feels good to have it fixed right and running again.

I'm always on the look out for odd and interesting RVs that come and go in the parks. A couple of days ago, this one pulled in, looks like an old 4x4 Military Ambulance. It has been fully renovated inside (sorry no pictures) along with a suspension lift and off road tires. If this doesn't get you away from it all, nothing will.
Well as I said earlier, all is going well, and if this last test turns out well, we will be able to start our journey south towards Florida for a warm winter in Key West. ahhhhhhh.
That's been our week so far, we did take in one of our granddaughters soccer games yesterday, so stay tuned for those shots in our next posting, so until then................................................

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

The Laundry List Starts

 It's been a pretty busy week here in OKC and most of it self inflicted. I figured we would be here for a bit so I made a laundry list of things I wanted to accomplish. First was to get the front end of the Jeep aligned, as I noticed the left front tire wearing more on the inside. Simple enough, find a shop, make appointment, show up on time, wam bam and were done. Not so fast there tiger, you see the uneven wear on the other tires also, that's a sure sign of worn out shocks and struts, well heck, that's not good. I know from research that the factory front suspension components were weak, so it made sense, go ahead and change them out, oh and use high quality shocks and struts too, we are going to be keeping her for a while, Done! A little (ok a lot) lighter in the wallet but done.

 Next was to tackle the mess that has become the under bay storage areas. These shots were of just the ones under the living room slide, but all were cleans and organized. Over the years they can become quite a mess. Everything out, get rid of what you don't need or haven't used or foresee using, organize and replace.

 Another item checked off the list.

 Next the Jeep, seems I managed to drive the motorhome W/Jeep connected through something on the way here from Wisconsin. Kind of a brown liquid substance that has gotten all down the lower portion of the right side of the motorhome and Jeep. Washing and scrubing didn't work to remove it, so thought I'd give waxing a try. Well low and behold it worked with a little elbow grease and now we have one nice and shinny Jeep! After beating my brains for a few days I think I figured out the mysterious substance. While driving through a work zone on one of the interstates, I remembered a sign that said fresh oil on road and from the looks of it, I believe I found my culprit. So now the list is another item shorter.

 And of course where is my darling wife during all this back breaking labor...............yup, enjoying the nice weather and a cold daiquiri while working diligently on baby blankets for our pending (still in the oven) new grandbabies.

Ok, bad selfie, buy somebody in this picture (not me) had a birthday a couple of weeks ago. So a nice birthday steak was in order at our favorite steakhouse, along with presents of course. Happy Birthday Sweetheart!!!

Still lots more on the list so I'll get to it and let you know how they turn out, so until next time...............................