Sunday, October 19, 2014

A Drive Amonst the Gods

 Valley of the Gods, UT that is. Another one of those amazing places that we didn't realize was so close to Monument Valley. Valley of the Gods is similar (although not as impressive) as Monument Valley, the main difference is VoG is on BLM land (as opposed to Tribal land) and therefor not as restrictive. You are required to stay on the marked trails, but can hike and camp most anywhere and of course no entrance fees.

 The roadway starts out mundane enough, just your average drive through the desert from either direction.

 But the farther in you go, the more scenic it becomes.

 Then the next thing you know, your right in the middle of some of the most beautiful landscapes you have ever seen.

 The road (trail) is 17 miles of dirt and rock connecting UT 261 and US 163, approximately 30 miles north of Monument Valley.

Monument Valley in the distance.

What a great day out and definitely a must see/do if you are in the area. Like most off the beaten path areas, a high clearance vehicle is recommended and depending on the recent weather, 4 wheel drive may be needed.  But if you can make it, do it, you won't be sorry.
Ok, another check mark on the bucket list and a lifetime memory. Thanks for coming along and we'll see you back here next time for our trip through Monument Valley.


  1. You are in the big time now, your blog is on Hitchitch! Congrats! :c)

  2. Your final photo represents what I have enjoyed most about Utah. I think that it would take at least 6 months to really see all of Utah in a relaxed manner. We have been here over three weeks and have not even scratched the surface.

    1. Your right, we were only able to scratch the surface, but we'll be back for sure.