Sunday, October 26, 2014

Lucky Strike Mine Trail, Mt Charleston, NV

 In the desert foothills of Mt Charleston, just outside Las Vegas, NV lies the Lucky Strike Mine Trail. This 4x4 trail heads north off Hwy and deep into the desert. The trail lets you know right from the git go, this is a 4x4 trail with a steep loose rocky ascent.

 Once you make the short climb from the hwy, the vastness and desolation becomes reality.

 The trail takes you over several hills and deep into many valleys along with few miles of dry wash just for good measure.

 Decent into a dry river wash.

 Decisions, Decisions? Being out alone, I took the better trail to the right.

After several miles, the trail began to get a little to dicey. Being out alone I chose to head back out, not that the Liberty couldn't handle it, but better with more than one vehicle. Better safe than sorry, and the day was getting on. Sheryl wanted to stay in today, so it was my opportunity to venture off for a while as I needed my backcountry fix. With any luck I'll head back out to finish the trail, just have to find another adventurous soul here in the park.
That was todays adventure, be it a short one so, stay tuned for more and get out off the beaten path, it's amazing what you mite find.

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