Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Did it Again.....Dang It!!!

Well it seems while unhooking to leave Monument Valley yesterday, I tweaked my back pretty good. We did leave and made it into Williams AZ, where we had plans to visit the Grand Canyon. Woke up today and things were worse, to the point of I voluntarily went to the Urgent Care (ok, with a little prompting from Sheryl) Needless to say the Grand Canyon trip was a no go, we do leave for Nellis AFB in Las Vegas in the morning. We'll be at Nellis for a couple of weeks, this will give me a chance to heal up, recover a bit and hopefully venture out for some adventures. I'll also get a chance to catch up on the blog. So once again, stay tuned and I'll be up and running again soon. 


  1. Man that is a bummer. Having a bad back myself I can say I feel your pain! :c(

  2. Oh no! Hope you feel better real soon!