Saturday, October 4, 2014

Crow Canyon Petroglyph Site

 Yesterday we went in search of early Navajo petroglyphs. We had searched for some a day or two before in a more accessible area but found they had all been destroyed by vandals. This time we contacted the local BLM Office and was told of a well preserved site well off the beaten track. With this new found knowledge, we were off for quite the adventure in finding them. 20 or so miles of dirt and gravel roads, a muddy river bed crossing and a deep muddy section of two track road, we arrived at our destination.

 The actual road (if that's what you want to call it) ends and your walk begins. As you hike along the pathway you begin to see the petroglyphs along the lower portions of the cliff face.

 There are several panels with many different petroglyphs carved in them.

 Along with several more individual ones.

 Sheryl pointing out a new one she had just found in this tight slot area.

 This is a view of the main petroglyphs area from across the wash. After spending a couple hours discovering the petroglyphs, we headed down the other road to seek out an early Navajo Defensive Position hidden on the mountain side.

 This little gem was hard to spot hidden on the mountain side. This is one of the few remaining sites scattered around a several square mile area.

 The riverbed crossing was still pretty wet and rutted, but packed down enough to cross (one of the reasons we have a 4x4 vehicle).

 Dirt and gravel roads leading in and out of the area.

One lane bridge deep in BLM land.

Another great adventure in the bag. Sheryl really enjoyed seeing and experiencing the petroglyphs, I had seen some before, but this was her first time. It was great to get out and see them in their natural environment rather than in a protected park or museum. We saw hundreds of petroglyphs along the canyon wall and way to many to post here. If you are interested in seeing more, I'll have them posted in our gallery, just click the link on the right side of the page.

Thanks again for coming along on this adventure with us and we'll see you back here again for more.

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