Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Aztec's Arches

 One thing Aztec New Mexico is known for is the number of rock and sandstone arches within it's vicinity. There are 220 plus arches, with most located deep in BLM land. The city publishes a pamphlet on a few of the larger ones, so Sheryl and I stuck out to find some. We found however that even though The BLM maintains the land, they don't really maintain the roads, so once again thank goodness we have a Jeep!!!

 I won't bore you with the names of each arch but they are located within fifteen miles of town.

 Even with fairly detailed directions to each, they can still be a challenge to find.

We didn't go out for a whole day, just went out every couple of days to a different area.

We had some good adventures and it helped kill some time, plus they were just really cool to see. Now I'm sure they have nothing on Arches NP, but they are still fun to find and see.
So, should you be passing through this part of New Mexico, stop by the Visitor Center, pick up a pamphlet and go hunt some down.

Thanks for following along and we'll see you back here again.

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  1. Nice pictures! I liked the one with that beautiful model the best! ;c)