Friday, October 18, 2013

Sad Times

 As you know, we have been in Kansas for the past few weeks caring for Sheryl's sick Aunt. Last week the her Aunt finally gave in to the cancer. Sheryl was by her side and holding her hand as she passed, Sheryl is taking it pretty hard, as she was like a second mother to her. We didn't post at all, as this is a very private family matter.
We did move from Liberal out to the family farm closer to be closer to the rest of the family and take care of the final arrangements.

Quite a few family member came in from around the country, including our little Grand Daughter Clara. One of the lighter moments was noticing the kids were playing in the same little red wagon that Clara's mom, as well as Sheryl played in as a kid, just made us all smile.

We are now back in OKC for a couple of weeks for a couple of check up appointments. That's all for now, just letting everyone know why we have been out of touch for the last couple of weeks. We are beginning our travels again and back to enjoying life.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Lending a Hand

This weekend I went out to Sheryl's family farm to lend her brother a hand fixing some damage. This is the farmhouse, it was hand built by her grandfather in the early 1900s. No one lives in the house now, but her brother keeps it up the best he can, however he's almost fighting a losing battle.

One of the bedroom ceilings fell in, so it was time to put up some new drywall. We are mostly do in the above shots as Curtis prepares to cut the last piece. We are not pros and money is tight, but we do the best we can.
We also got on the roof and replaced a torn off roof cap as well as knocked down a bunch of weeds that were trying to take the farmhouse area over. Looks like we may be fixing some shingles next, so we'll see how that goes.
So until next time.........................see ya then.

Friday, October 4, 2013

Arkalon Park, KS.

 Road Less Traveled

 Making Due


 Pathless Bridge

 Prairie Sunset

 Is it Really Greener???


 Barbed Wire

Post Locks

Discovered this public area just East of Liberal, KS. Advertised as fishing ponds and a campground, but to my surprise, there were also miles of backroads through the prairie.

Never know what you'll find if you just look below the surface................... 

Thursday, October 3, 2013

A Lucky Day

 This morning we woke up as usual, coffee, breakfast and watching the news. As we were getting ready for our day, the TV suddenly went off.....odd, then we noticed all the power was off.....even odder???  Checked the breakers, nothing wrong there, must be at the pole. Checked outside at the pole, breaker was still good and so was the surge protector......hmmmmm. Trouble shooting time, open the electric compartment, 30 amp cord receptical into the rig was smoking.......Wholly Cow, turn off the breaker at the box and unplug the rig. Ok, examine the receptical, all is ok there. The cord plug had black marks on it, took it apart and found the above, WOW, lucky no fire occurred!!! The plug had always been a little bit loose but thought that was normal, apparently not. Next problem, where to find a new plug??? we are here in the middle of small town america, with out a RV parts store in sight. Called the camp host, who said she thought the ACE hardware in town may have what we needed. Ok, off to Ace Hardware and low and behold they had just I needed!!! Luck struck twice!!!

So after a little surgery on the cord, the new pug was attached. Good as new and nice and tight!!!  So for a day which started out to be pretty questionable, all worked out in the end with our rig intact and not a pile of ashes.
That was our excitement for the day, lets hope for no more like that. So until next time.......see ya then.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Downtown Liberal, KS

 Went into downtown Liberal, KS to do a little sightseeing yesterday. It's your standard small Midwestern town, but was able to find a couple of interesting buildings. Above is the old restored Train Station.

 Crane Train Display
It hard to see, but the colored panels on this building were really interesting. The sun was terrible for pictures but you get the idea.
Looks like we'll be hanging around Southwest Kansas a little longer than we had hoped. Sheryl's sick Aunt is having some issues that we need to help take care of. We had talked about taking a little break and going over to Colorado Springs, but the expense wouldn't be worth the trip right now, so we'll stick a little closer and maybe travel around here a bit more. There's still a couple of more sights to see in town to keep us busy to stay tuned for more fun and excitement from Liberal