Saturday, April 19, 2014

OKC Update

Well, it's been a few weeks since we posted anything, so I thought I'd let everybody know we're still alive and kickin!!!. Elliana, our new grand baby, is doing great and growing like a weed. We are still here in OKC getting all our medical appointments taken care of and doing a whole lot of just living life. Looks like we'll be here for about a month longer than planned, Sheryl has had all her back injections for pain relief, but was still having problems in her upper back. She was sent for a new MRI which showed a lot of scare tissue had formed around one of the nerve roots coming out of the spine. She'll be having a procedure to reduce the scare tissue and help with the pain.
Yours truly couldn't let Sheryl have all the fun, seems I have really tweaked my lower back pretty good also. Took the Jeep over to the auto hobby shop on base to do an oil change and rotate the tires (nope don't trust the local lube places to do right). While removing one of the tires, my lower back said here ya go!!!, I dropped the tire and had to sit down for a few. Couldn't take to long as I had to get it finished, so just moved really slow, but did get everything taken care of. A trip to the doctor later and here I am on bedrest, ice, motrin and muscle relaxers for 10 days......dang it!!! I guess it's like the doctor in Pensacola, Fl. told me, you may have always been healthy as a horse, but your not a horse any more!!! and he walked away making whinny, wise guy.
So that all the news for today, maybe a couple of weeks before posting again, as I'm not one to bore everyone with our daily until next time.........................