Sunday, November 30, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

 Ok, I know, but better late than never. Happy Thanksgiving from our family to you and yours. This Thanksgiving we spent in Dallas Texas with my daughter Kayla, her husband Chris and our little grandson Easton. We had an amazing meal, stuffed ourselves to the gills and of course watched football!!!

 We also did a little photo shoot with the kids. Here is Chris, Kayla, Easton and Soon to be Denver.

 Easton having a ball while daddy throws leaves on him.

 Chris and Kayla
 Easton and his buddy David

 Presenting mommy with a flower.

 Father and Son

 Just love this one.

And of course yours truly with Kayla and Easton. I don't get in the shots very often, but couldn't pass up the chance with these two.
We had a great time and spent almost a week with them, it was great to visit and catch up. We are back up in OKC now and until after Christmas.
Thanks for following along and we'll se you next time!!!

Friday, November 21, 2014

Face Lift for the Jeep

Today I made an appointment with the Jeep Doctor for a little selective surgery. After spending the Summer out west, it was decided by both Sheryl and I that the Jeep could us a little more ground clearance. Now we didn't have any issues with bottoming out on the trails we took, however, there were some close calls. We found a place here in town (OKC) that came recommended to lift the Jeep, so after talking to the owner, a 2-3 inch lift was decided on and ordered. Our appointment is set for Dec 5th, we didn't want anything to crazy high, just a mild lift for more ground clearance and larger tires later on. So stay tuned to see how it turns out..................see ya next time.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014


Good News, we found an RV Shop to fix our slide out issues, and it's just down from the RV Park. We dropped the rig off at around 10:30 yesterday, and they called at 1:30 saying it was all set and good to go. Got to love a quick easy fix, turned out to be a broken pin which connects the slide out motor to a shaft which drives the gearing at the other end. Thank goodness that's all it was, it's nice to have our home back and in working order. Now it's just a matter of waiting around for a couple more follow up appointments and we can be off and running again to warmer parts to ride out the rest of winter!!! That's it for now and we'll see you next time from a sunny but brisk OKC.

Monday, November 17, 2014

RV Doctor Appointment

It's been a few days and not a whole lot to post about. Mainly we have been holed up in the Motorhome due to the weather, seems it's been below freezing ever since we got here. Our main priority has been to make sure the water pipes inside the RV don't freeze and break, we've taken several measures and so far so good.
The primary issue we are having right now is still our main living room slide. We have contacted a couple of Mobile RV Services, but they don't seem to interested in our business as we haven't heard back from them. Even our regular RV guy seems to have quit answering his phone and hasn't returned many of his regular customers calls either.  However with a little help from the Camp Host, put us in contact with a RV Repair facility, who folks in the park have had good luck with, and we have an appointment tomorrow to have it looked at. We were hoping to have a mobile service come out an look at it, but we need to go out and get propane anyway, so we'll just kill to birds with one stone and hope for a quick fix.
Looks like the weather is supposed to get a bit warmer, so maybe we can get out and shake this cabin fever. That's it for now, thanks for following along and we'll let you know what happens with the slide on our next post.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Back in OKC

Sheryl and I were finally well enough to travel, so after a layover in Amarillo TX, we made it into OKC. Oh, and seems we brought a couple of weeks of arctic weather with us. Tonight's low 10 w/wind chill. Your welcome OKC!!!
Looks like we'll be here for just a bit longer than anticipated, a couple of follow up doctors appointments before we can take off for warmer weather. We have been thinking Key West again, but that maybe up in the air, so a "Plan B" is in the works (Southern Texas Maybe?). As always, we'll let you know what happens, so until then, from sunny but frigid OKC........................ 

Friday, November 7, 2014

Colds in Albuquerque, NM

Wow, we did leave Nevada in our rearview mirror and made it into Albuquerque, NM. We had planned on staying two nights here just to take a break from two days of constant driving (good to have that option). We both notice while spending the night in Williams, AZ that we were not feeling our best. Once we got into Albuquerque, we both realized we had full blown head and chest colds, yuck!!! We have extend our stay here at the Kirkland AFB FamCamp until Sunday, we should be feeling better and more up to travelling by then. This will put us in OKC on Monday, just in time for Scrappey Doo's hair cut appointment on Tuesday. We have a great dog groomer in OKC that we use when ever we can. We have found it hard to find good ones on the road, the last two ended up burning Scrappey's little nose with the clippers. So I'll give a shout out to Shelley's Grooming Garage in OKC, she does great work with more than reasonable prices. So if you happen thru OKC and you pup needs a cut, give her a call!!!
That's all for now, thanks for following along even when we're felling yucky, but don't get to close as we don't want to share the wealth...........see ya next time.

Monday, November 3, 2014

Leaving Nevada

Due to circumstances beyond our control, we are leaving Nevada and heading back to OKC. Good news is, we should only be there for a short time and then off to Key West!!! We were not quite able to do everything we wanted here in the Las Vegas area, but hey, that will leave plenty of sights to see next time we pass through. One issue we are hoping to get fixed is our living room slide. While leaving Monument Valley, when we attempted to put it in, the rear of the slide didn't want to go in on it's own, now I have to push it into place while Sheryl operates the switch. We are hoping our RV Guy in OKC can fix it for us.
We'll be taking our time to get back, so next time, we'll see you from the road.