Friday, October 17, 2014

A Mexican Hat and Some Goosenecks

 Ahhhhh, we are here at Nellis AFB in Las Vegas with good wifi and my back is starting to calm down enough to sit at the computer for a bit. So, let's play catch up. We spent 4 days in Monument Valley, however after our arrival I noticed there were several other places I had been wanting to see, which were actually pretty close.

 One of the sights was Mexican Hat, a small town of 88 here in southern Utah. The town get's it name from this unique rock formation just outside of town. It's much larger than any photo can show, but you get the idea as this sombrero shaped rock balances precariously on it's narrow base. One of those thing you wonder just how much longer it will be around. Ok, maybe not the most interesting sight, but still pretty cool to see.

 The next sight on the list of things to see was Goosenecks State Park in southern Utah.

As you can see, Goosenecks gets it's name from the tightly snaking San Juan river in this area. The park is basically a large parking area with dry camping allowed anywhere. However the views take center stage here. From the edge (no guard rails) it's a 1000' drop strait down to the river and can actually give you a bit of vertigo. There are two small areas that do have a barrier to keep you from tumbling over the edge, but for the most part you can walk up and stand right on it. If you happen to find yourself there, watch you kids and pets!!!

We'll be staying here in Las Vegas until the 1st, the park itself is probably one of the nice military parks we've been to. We are both not gamblers and have no desire to hit the strip. however there are plenty of natural wonders in the area to explore, so we'll be hitting those up for sure. Thanks for following along and we'll still be playing catch up for the next few days, so stay tuned for more!!!

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  1. We hope to visit Nellis AFB this winter, we've heard so much good about it.