Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Baby Shower

 Our main reason for coming back to OKC, was to attend the baby shower welcoming our newest Grandson. As with most baby showers, there were presents galore along with lots of friends and family in attendance.
 Sheryl with her son the proud PaPa and the mother to be.

Two Happy Grandmas. If you ask me they look way to young to be Grandmas!!!

The shower went off with out a hitch. This was also the first time we really got to meet and get to know the new moms side of the family. They were all great folks and we all had a good time. Just a few more weeks and we will really be welcoming the new little one into the world and both mom and dad are more than ready!!!

Other than that a couple more doctors appointments are in the bag. Sheryl had been complaining of a tooth ache for a couple of days now, so yesterday I had her call and get in to see the dentist. Well as luck would have it, an emergency root canal and crown was in order, poor girl. Actually I think, since I had to have one a couple of weeks ago, she just had to have one too...............lol. That's all the news that's fit to print for now, we'll see you back here again soon..........................

Friday, June 26, 2015

Downtown Russellville Photowalk

 We've been back in OKC for a couple of days now, we were only going to stay for a week while Sheryl attends the Baby Shower. We decided with the 4th of July coming up, we didn't want to try and find a park then, so we went ahead and upped for two weeks.

Before leaving Russellville, I went to the Old Downtown area for a little Photowalk. I love the old downtown's of small town America, especially the one with the Town Squares. Russelville doesn't have a town square, however they have a fully restored old train station and have some very unique back alleys.

 Old train cars outside the station

 Original Billboards

 Flowers brighten the streets

 Painted windows behind an Art Studio

 Alleyway Patio

 Dr Pepper at the old Drug Store

 Rock Island Cars

 New Blooms against old Architecture

 Imagine the beauty in everything, because you never know if it's the last thing you will see.

Train Station and Tracks

Hope you enjoyed the shots, next time your in a small town, look down an alley or just under the surface, you never now what little gems you mite uncover.
Take Care and we'll see you next time.....................

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Cedar Falls at Petit Jean SP, AR.

 Yesterday was a day out to Petit Jean State Park to see Cedar Falls. The park is approx 23 miles from our campsite so it was a pleasant drive through the country side. The park contains many foot trails of varying difficulty but the most traveled is the one to the falls.

 The trail is only a mile long, however the first half is strait down, steep and rocky. Once reaching the stream the trail levels out, still pretty rocky so you have to constantly watch your step. The trail follows the stream until it's end at the Falls.

 The falls cascade more than 90 feet to the small pond and creek below. The stone walls surround the pond along with the dense tree cover making it feel almost cave like. Spent a little time there photographing the falls and creek before starting back. By then the temps were well into the 90s and the humidity every bit of 100%. Needless to say I had quite the time hiking back up and out of the canyon and was pretty spent.

 After cooling down for a bit it was off to see Turtle Rocks. The area covers a few acres and all the rock looks like giant turtle shells, right down to the raised square designs on them. They were quite interesting to see.

Refection of the Falls

Arkansas has some beautiful State Parks and it seems none of them have entry fees, which is an added bonus. I can highly recommend Petit Jean SP if you happen to be in the are west of Little Rock off I-40. 

Our time here is almost up, we head out in the morning. We had a change of plans and are going back to OKC for a week, Sheryl has our Daughter-in-Laws Baby Shower to attend on Saturday. We were looking at heading out again after that, so stay tuned as you never know (heck we don't know half the time) where we'll end up, so until next time.........................................

Sunday, June 21, 2015

New Friends and Goooooood Eaten!!!

 Yesterday evening we had quite the gathering here at the RV Park. Bob and Michelle who we met while in Oklahoma have several friends in this area and were able to get everyone together for a BBQ. It was quite the time, we got to meet new friends and enjoyed socializing with everyone.

However, the real star of the show was the Q, ribs and brisket to be precise.......yummy. Our Pit Master was one of Bob's long time friends who came down just for this occasion and cook up a storm for us!!!
Ahhhh the Fulltime Lifestyle, traveling the country and meeting new friends along the way, that's what it's all about...............................take care and see ya next time!!!

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Russellville, AR.

 After riding out the rains in OKC for what seemed like days on end, we were able to make our escape and head towards Arkansas. A pretty uneventful 4 hour drive landed us in Russellville, AR and the Old Post Corps of Engineers (COE) Park on the Arkansas River. We scored a pretty good site, all thanks to our friends that were already here (more on them later).

 They reserved a site for us right next to them and right on the river. This our first time using a COE Park and we never realized they were so nice and for the NP Access Pass Price of 10.00 a night, you can't go wrong. Each site has water and elec but no sewer connection, so you do need to dump as needed. We are here for a week as of now and maybe a few days longer, but we'll decide on that later. Our only complaint, be it a minor one, is there is very poor over the air TV reception, 2 channels if your lucky and they come and go at will. There's also no radio stations to be had either, we found both these things kinda odd considering how close to town the park is. All in all a really nice park.

One of my many minor projects I've been meaning to do for some time now, was to get the garden flag holder set up on our flag pole. Well a quick trip to Lowes and a few minutes of time took care of that project Lickity Split

The other reason we were able to leave OKC (we were going to anyway) was my dentist put in a rush job for my crown. Luckily it came in on Monday and they were able to get me in that day, now I don't have to worry about going back or waiting another month to have it put on.

As I'm sitting here typing we are getting hit with Tropical Storm (or whats left of it) Bill. We're hoping it blows over and we can salvage the rest of the week and get out and do some exploring.

So that's all for now, we'll see you back here again soon.............................

Saturday, June 13, 2015

One Mans Trash........................

As the saying goes, One mans trash is another mans treasure, this rang true for us yesterday. While I was taking the trash out, there in the dumpster, perched on top, was a small stereo and speakers that had just been placed in there. It was a AM/FM CD Player, figuring one of the functions was not working I thought I'd gather it up, take it home and see what was or was not working. Ok, why was I dumpster diving in the first place?? Well I have been looking for a small stereo to mount in one of the underneath storage bays so we could listen to the music when were sitting outside. I just haven't been able to find just the right unit, or was not willing to pay the price they want for a small ones now. So when I saw this one just sitting there, it looked like it would fit the bill. The CD part is not working on it, but the radio works fine and I was able to find a nice spot for it next to the frig underneath. I'm sure glad I asked our RV Guy to run power to the storage bays and for the 4 outlet plug he installed.
This makes sitting out a little more entertaining.

On another note, we packed up and headed down to have our new awning installed yesterday, however he had order the wrong size awning for our rig. A new one is on order and we will have to wait till we come back at the end of July to have it installed.

Ok, just wanted to post a shot of our new find and say we're (well me) aren't to proud to dumpster dive.....lol See ya next time!!!

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Word of Warning

 I just wanted to post a word of warning to folks that have an electrical set up like the one pictured above. This is the type that plugs into your RV (not hardwired in). Please keep an eye on the plug itself and insure it is tight. The plug even if tight can wear after a while and become loose. Once they become loose they can begin to arc, burning up the plug and possibly your RV.

This just happened to the camp host here at the RV Park. The pole breaker tripped and she went out to reset it as all looked ok. She went back out a few minutes later, just to double check and found her RV on fire at the plug. Had she not gone out and checked, her RV would have been up in flames within a matter of minutes. Why am I telling you this? We had the same issue with our motorhome, luckily we were in the bedroom and smelt something electrical burning. When I went out and checked ours was smoking but had not caught fire yet. While having it fixed, our RV guy said it was a common problem with these kind of set ups. After hearing that, we had him hard wire our electric connection (problem solved). Anyway, if you have room to stow the cord, you may want to look at having your rig hard wired. If not, look at having your cord replaced with the ones that have a locking nut on them to prevent the cord from becoming loose with wear.

On another note, I had the first part of my crown work done, the second part may come Monday if the dentist gets it back in time, if not I may have to drive back from Arkansas or just wait till we return in July. Either way were leaving here on the 16th come heck or high water!!!

It also looks like more storms may come through the area next week, so we are going to have our new awning installed tomorrow instead of having him do it in the rain.

Ok, that's all for now and we'll see you soon...................................

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

A Little Sprucing Up, Paint Wise

 Another little project I took on today, was to paint the motorhome mirrors and storage compartment handles. As you can see they were beginning to look a little rough, so I though they could use some sprucing up. I still have not tackled painting the stripes, just too much constant wind here in OKC to mess with spay paint. However the mirrors I could do with a can of paint and small roller, so it was of to Walmart for supplies.

So with everything in hand, I got to work. As with any painting project the prep work took the longest. The mirrors and handles were cleaned and taped off, then a couple of coats of paint were applied. So for a few dollars and a couple of hours work, the motorhome has a fresh new look, I can just imagine how much better she'll look when the stripes are painted on.
Not a big project, but one that made a big impact and as long as we are just sitting here and it keeps me busy.

Our awning issue is finally on it's way to getting resolved. our RV guy submitted a quote to our insurance company and the settlement will pay for the awning in full, got to love that. The only problem we ran into was, we had hoped to have an automatic one installed, however the way the motorhome is laid out, there is no room for the new arms to be mounted to the side. So a nice new manual one will be the order of the day. Since the old awning hardware was in bad shape even before the storm, it'll be nice to have new.

That's been all that's happened these last couple of days, other than just hanging out. So until next time, thanks for following along with us................................