Sunday, January 22, 2017

The Key West Life

 Well, the new year has been cruising right along. We have been enjoying our waterfront view and just soaking it all in. One thing we have noticed this year as apposed to the last two years we were here, is we are taking life at a much slower pace. Seems as if last year we went to every event offered both on and off base and seemed to stay quite busy. Now that doesn't mean we didn't have a great time or that we haven't been enjoying ourselves this year, we have, just taking it easy. I guess you can say we've set our clocks on island time.

 Our friend Mike and Judy came in from Maine just after the first of the year and a couple of weeks after settling in, they hosted a roasted turkey dinner with all the fixings. The food was great and so was the company!!!

 One thing we were finally able to do, was get the Kayak out, it's been alittle to windy lately, but it has tapered off some now and makes for an enjoyable paddle. We decided to take Scrappey with us and wondered if he still liked going out. Well, he answered that question for us when we put the kayak at the waters edge and he immediately went over and jumped in it. We put his little puppy life vest on him and off we went.

 With Key West being a small island, we found we can leave my bike at a take out point and drive the kayak to where we want to put in. At the end if the trip it's just a short ride back on the bike to the Jeep, so basiclly a self shuttling service, this sure makes it handy. We also decided to give Scrappey a new adventure, he has not been on a bike since he was a wee little puppy, and didn't know if he would still be ok with it. Well, to say the least, he was more than ok, he loved it!!! so now he get to go on bike rides with us too.

 While yours truly and Scrappey were gone to get the Jeep, Sheryl took full advantage of the cushy blow up kayak and settled in for a little down time.

 Well, once again it was time to give up our primo waterfront spot in full hook ups and head back over to dry camp for what will be our long stint, probably 30 days. As luck would have it, once again we scored a fantastic spot right on the water again, we must be living right!!!

 With the water being just steps away, whats better than sitting with your feet in the clear gulf waters in the shade of a palm tree. We can get used to this island life pretty quick!!!

 A few days ago, we headed out for a day trip up the Keys. First stop was the No Name Pub on No Name Key, a fun place with good food and a great atmosphere.

 After a yummy lunch, we spent some time at Bahia Honda State Park. The bridge behind us is the original Rail Road bridge. When vehicle transportation became more popular and people wanted to drive more, they decided, instead of building another bridge, they would build a road on top of the rail Road bridge, thus killing to birds with one stone. Apparently it worked pretty well until a new bridge was needed and the rail road quit running. We enjoyed the park for a while then headed back home.

 Next on the agenda is the Sigsbee Flotilla, at least that's what we call it. When the wind cooperates we all get our floaties out and tie off to an anchor (concrete block) so we don't float away and just enjoy the day and each others company.

 Last night the base hosted a Luau, it's usually held during the Summer, but this year it was moved to now. Of course our gang got together and enjoyed the show.

 It was quite a nice event and lots of people showed up, hard to believe it's usually held in the summer when no one is here. Maybe they'll see the error of their ways and host it in the winter again next year.

 Of course whats a Luau without Hula Dancers. There were also fire dancers, but the pictures didn't turn out.

Sheryl and I having a good time at the Luau.

As you can tell, we have been enjoying ourselves, just at a slower pace, which suits us just fine. Hard to believe it's mid January, we have to pinch ourselves sometimes.

Oh, there is big news for us. We've decided to give Work Camping a try this year. We put in several applications at several federal parks, but haven't heard back from them. Sheryl then found a private campground who were looking for work campers and we got the job!!!. 12 hours a week in exchange for a full hook up site. The campground is located just outside the Great Smoky Mountains National Park on the North Carolina side. It looks like a great location and the owners seem really friendly. We report in Mid July and work till mid Oct, how great is that!!! We are so looking forward to it.

Ok, that's it for now, been on the computer long enough, island time is

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Happy New Year!!!

 Happy New Year one and all!!! Ok a few days late, but you get the point.....:) I'm sure you all have been waiting with baited breath to see what we've been up to these last couple weeks.......well, I hate to disappoint, but not a whole lot, just day to day life. Now that's not to say we haven't done anything as you will see.....................

 We've done a little bit of this...................

 And a little bit more of that................

There has been a little bit of visiting going on also with friends new and old.

 New Years Eve brought a new experience to me (Sheryl was the smart one and stayed home) I decided to brave Duval St in downtown Key West. Needless to say it was crazy busy and jam packed with people, so many in fact, I had to leave at 11:30, just couldn't take it any Good thing as it would have been a nightmare getting out of there after midnight.

 A bit of good luck came our way again. We moved on over to full hookup for our two week stint and scored a waterfront site again!!! and not just any waterfront site, probably the nicest one in the park......we must be living right!

To end the week, I took a last minute drive up to Bahia Honda State Park to hopefully shoot the sunset. Well Mother Nature actually cooperated and gave me a nice one to capture.

That's been our last couple of weeks, I know, I know we shouldn't be going so hard and wearing ourselves out like that, but hey, that's just life here in the Florida