Monday, December 2, 2013

Hit with the Yucks

 Sheryl and I went to bed Saturday night all set for a nice travel day Sunday, however our bodies had a different idea. We both woke up with sore throats and just not feeling our greatest. We could have stayed put, but we wanted to get on down the road, besides we knew there would be places to stop if needed. Well, if needed came, we both have been looking forward to our stop in Apalachicola, but wanted to feel well enough to enjoy it. A couple hours east of Eglin AFB is a small Navy base right on the water (go, we had stayed here in the past and they do offer cable TV and Wifi, so we decided to stop and recuperate for a few days and try to get over this yuck that we just couldn't out run, not even in our motorhome.

 The spaces are small and arranged with no real rime or reason. Even the utilities can be a challenge. Our water hook up is right outside the front door, glad I carry extra hoses.

However the park makes up for it's flaws with the water just a stones throw from your site. We had plans to leave here Tuesday, but think we'll make it Wed or Thurs, just to give us enough time to get feeling better. We can think of much worse places to ride out the yucks so we'll just tough it out here and see you fine folks soon!


  1. Interesting. Never knew that CG was there. You seem to do fine just moving around. Do you make reservations or just wing it?

    1. Usually have a plan, general area we want to stop. We like military parks, so if they take reservations we try and make one, if not we call ahead on the fly to see if they have room, but also have a back up plan if they are full. Use Passport America and can usually get in their parks.