Saturday, November 30, 2013

Ft Barrancus, NAS Pensacola

 Did you know there is a National Historic Site ran by the National Park Service on NAS Pensacola?? neither did we until we happened to drive by this old fort on a hill. Curiosity got the best of us, so the search was on. We found the visitors center for the old fort and found out it was Fort Barrancus, part of the National Park Service. It a Civil War era fort, built along with two others out on the barrier islands to protect Pensacola Bay and Naval Shipyard there. We took the guided tour, which the NPS always seems to do a great job with, learned alot about the 3 forts and the Civil War history surrounding them.

 Cross Fire Moat

 Hallway of Arches

 Gunpowder Room

 Drawbridge Mechanism

 Lone Cannon and Old Glory

Cannon and Glory

It was very interesting to learn the history of the area, so if you happen to find yourself at the primary tourist site (Museum of Naval Aviation) on NAS Pensacola, drive down the road just a bit farther and check out this Hidden Gem. 

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  1. Are you sure it was gunpowder and not whiskey in those barrels? They had to keep the troops happy and motivated somehow... ;c)