Friday, December 13, 2013

Sunset Dinner

 Last night Mike and Jamie treated us to a sunset dinner. They took us to their favorite local restaurant in the Hollywood Florida area. The restaurant sits right on the water of the intercoastal waterway (actually over the water). It was a beautiful evening with temps in the 70's for dinner and not a bug to be found. This evenings fare was Deep Dish Pizza and drinks, it was a great pie and we dove right in (no time for pictures here!!!). We sat, ate and talked the evening away, it sure was nice to just hang out with kids, it been a couple of years since we've seen them.
 The views were amazing

 and the company not bad either :)

But the sunset was the star of the show!!! 

We've been having a good time here in South Florida, mainly catching up with Mike, Jamie and Mason. We need to get some better pictures of them before we leave. My problem is I just get all caught up in the moment just visiting, taking pictures is the last thing on my mind, but we do need them for the memories. Again another great evening in the bag, so until next time..........................

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  1. Very nice picture of Sheryl, she's your favorite subject, right? :c)