Monday, December 23, 2013

Moving Day

 Yesterday we were served with our eviction notice, thus moving us from the dry camp area (no water/elec/sewer to the full hook up area, which has it all. So this morning we packed up and moved to our new site. We were sad to leave our waterfront site, but the lure of our own shower and A/C was hard to fight. The site we scored this time wasn't to bad, second row from the water, but still has a nice view, the shot above is looking out the front windshield. If you are not familiar with the Sigsbee rotation, you have 2 weeks in a full hook up site then it is a mandatory move to dry camp until your number comes up again, which may be anywhere from 1 week to a month. The longer it goes into the season the longer you wait in dry camp. This year they are expecting over 500 RVs, they don't turn anyone away, so it's up to you if you want to follow the rotation rules to spend a few months during the winter in paradise.

 We have actually been quite busy these last couple of days, yesterday Sheryl, Scrappy and I spent quite awhile out on the water, paddling in the Gulf of Mexico. Scrappy has become quite the sailor as he loves going out in the Kayaks.

 One thing they do have loads of here is Iguana, I found this guy hanging out in a mangrove tree. Was able to get a shot of him from the Kayak.

 After a long day on the water it was time to relax with a couple of drinks at the Sunset Grill here on the base. This Tiki style place is great, as you don't have to go downtown and fight the traffic and crowds to enjoy a good sunset.

It's just a walk or bike ride away to see the same beautiful sunsets.

We have also stayed busy with life in general, as we have found no matter how far you go, you just can't escape it, even here in paradise. Shopping, cooking, laundry, cleaning all find away to suck the fun right out of you day, but hey, the rest of the time we're still in Key West and Life is Great!!!


  1. Looks like you're going to spend Christmas in paradise. What a great present! :c)

  2. Ahhh yes, but at 80+ degrees it sure doesn't feel like Christmas.