Saturday, December 28, 2013

Kayaking the Mangrove Tunnels of Key West

 Yesterdays adventure consisted of Kayaking the Mangrove Tunnels on the south side of Key West. We were lucky enough to have met some avid kayakers at the Sunset Grill here on base the other day. Yesterday morning they came pecking on the door wanting us to come with them on a impromptu trip. Not wanting to miss the opportunity, we got ready and headed out. There turned out to 11 kayaks all together and our guide was a gentleman that has been coming here for years and knows all the great places to go.
 This particular area was just a short drive off base to a waterway lined with beautiful homes and a nice little boat ramp at the end. We all put in, paddled down the canal for a short bit then turned east into the groves. The tunnels came out into a salt marsh just north of the Key West Airport, but seemed miles from nowhere.

Out in the shallow marsh area, we were surprised to see that it was loaded with small, not more than 3" across, jelly fish. Wanted to get a picture but the wind rippled the water just enough to make to difficult. We were out for a couple of hours and had a great time meeting new people and just having fun. We have another Kayak trip scheduled for New Years Eve in a different location so stay tuned for that report, we can't wait. Until then we'll keep you updated on all our other activities here in Key West, see you then.


  1. Another item now on our bucket list. Hope to get to KW one of these days to try it out.

  2. Just found your blog and will have to go back and read about all your adventures in KW. We love the Keys and will be down there in a few weeks. I've heard there are some good kayaking spots near Key West. I'll have to try and find the place you were at.