Monday, December 16, 2013

Key West Here We Come!!!

 It's been great here, spending time with Mike, Jamie and Mason, but alas, Key West calls. We are leaving today, heading south to warm tropical breezes and the unknowns of boondocking for an undetermined length of time. The Navy base at Key West only has 90 or so full hook up sites, and the rest are all dry camping. I understand they do their best to rotate folks in the full hook up sites out every 2 weeks and get others in. It'll be a new experience for us, but one we are more than ready to undertake.

 We did manage to get in as much Grandma and Grandpa time as possible with the little guy!!!

My two favorite ladies in South Florida!!!

We sure enjoyed our time here, as we don't get to see Mike and Jamie as much as we'd like to. That's the only thing with them living down here in paradise, it just so far away from the rest of the country. Ahhh but we shall make plans to return, can't have little Mason growing up not knowing his Grandma and Grandpa!!!

That's it for this installment, next stop key West and the Florida Keys!!! 


  1. We had planned to go to KW in January, but those plans went off the rails due to waiting on some VA appointments. :c(

    We'll enjoy KW via your posts!

  2. Hi Kevin, we checked out the Key West RV parking situation at the base and you're right. You go on the waiting list and when you get to the top you get 2 weeks with full hookups then move back out to the boon docking area until you get to the top. We asked them what the average time in the boon docking area was and they said that it typically varied from 8 days up to 15 or 16 depending on how many folks were there…and that had been the situation for the past couple of years. No guarantees of course…but that was at least one person's version of typical when we checked back in February.

    1. We are now looking at about a week in dry camp, then into full hook ups. However, starting in Jan they are expecting over 500 rigs with a dry camp wait of 3-4 weeks. I think we'll be leaving after our full hook up stint. Lots more places in Florida with great weather.