Sunday, December 8, 2013

Sanford Fl and the Wekiva River

 We made it into Sanford Fl. yesterday all safe and sound, as my fix actually held!!! I;ll hit the highlight of the stop first, Kayaking the Wekiva River. The Wekiva River is one of a handful a designated wild and scenic rivers in the U.S.. It is located in Central Florida just north of Orlando. The river is approx 22 miles long and the water is crystal clear the whole way. A couple of years ago Sheryl and I canoed the upper part by the State Park. This time we started down river, which luckily, is just down the road from the RV Park we were staying at, nice!!!

 The state runs a nice little area to put in Kayaks and Canoes, so we made that our put in point.

 The river is pretty wide in this area, the rest of the river is not much wider than 30 feet of so for most of it;s length.

It was a beautiful day to be out, temps in the mid 70s with a nice lite breeze, ahhhhhhhh. We didn't stay out long as we got a late start, but had a nice relaxing paddle none the less. This is one of those must do's if you are in the area. You can rent canoes at the Wekiva River State Park and there are also several outfitters in the area to rent and provide shuttle service if you so desire.
On to the amusing part of the trip so far. If you've ever been to Florida I'm sure you have seen the many Bear Crossing signs throughout the state. Sheryl finely ask me, do the really have bears in Florida??? yup they sure do (even though I lived here 25 years and never saw one). Last night around 7:30 we took Scrappy out for his evening walk and to take the trash out. The dumpsters are about 100' from our RV so I walked over to throw the trash in the dumpster while Sheryl and Scrappy were at the corner 50' away. As I'm walking back Sheryl is frantically trying to scoop up Scrappy, I ask what she's doing??? and she points at the dumpsters and low and behold there was a large Black Bear at the dumpsters!!! Holy Cow I was just there! well we back away toward our rig and watched from A FAR. Our next door neighbor saw us watching the bear and came over to let us know he comes around each evening and usually walks right infront of our rig on his way to the dumpsters. I guess him and his family are quite the attraction around
Other than that, we visited friends in the area and are headed out in the morning. We are going to take 2 days just getting from here to Miami since our reservations begin on the 10th.
That's all for now, so we'll see you back here before long............................

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