Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Key West.....Ahhhhhhhh

 We left Miami, Key West Bound Monday morning. The drive through the Miami wasn't to bad but was a lot farther than we thought just to get into the Keys. Once in the Keys, again we were expecting much more open driving rather than alot of long slow island roads and short bridges, I know quit complaining, your in paradise!!!

 It was getting on lunch time so we sought out a recommended seafood place on Marathon Key. The Keys Fisheries is quite the place with quite the menu and views that won't quit!!!

 Being ever adventurist, we try the Lobster Ruben Sandwich. It was pretty good with a completely different taste, but that's what we were after. It was very good, but at $15.00 would we get it again, probably not.

 Once we arrived at Key West the hunt was on for the RV Park. We followed the directions posted on Military Campgrounds, which are usually spot on. however, where it says turn right after, it should say turn at. Needless to say we took a tour of Key West in the motorhome, not by choice mind you, but with lots of road construction and very little in the way of real estate to park or turn this puppy around, we found every narrow road in town. Eventually we just stopped in a neighborhood, blocked traffic for a bit, got our bearings and made it in. Once checked in, with the help of one of the Camp Hosts we scored a waterfront site. It is in the dry camping area and looks like we'll have a week or so before we can get into a full hook-up site, but with views like this, Who Cares!!!

So for the last couple of days we been doing this, just relaxing and enjoying doing nothing!

I'll do a write up on the park later, so until then..................you know the drill............see ya then.


  1. Kevin,

    You have to look up my shipmate Ernie Greene who lives there in Key West in a fifth wheel. He's a retired Coastie Master Chief. He can give you the local flavor and hot spots to go to.

    PS: Don't believe any tales he may tell you about me, they're lies, all lies! ;c)

    1. I'll see if I can find him, and of course I wouldn't believe any tales he may tell..........................

  2. Reading about driving your motor home into Key West makes me cringe...... The last couple times we were there they were doing a lot of construction and we had a difficult time in our truck.