Friday, November 1, 2013

Hanging Out, Halloween, and Scrappys New Duds

Posting has been kinda slow lately, we have just been hanging out here in OKC and recuperating from the funeral which took a lot out of Sheryl. We had also planned on leaving OKC for a more southerly state, however as they say, the best laid plans................well you know. We decided to knock out our dental care real quick before we left and wouldn't you know it, my teeth needed a little more work than could be accomplished in one appointment, so here we are for another two weeks..........dang it all!!!

Last night was Halloween, so we were able to see our little grand daughter Clara all dressed up as a princess. See ended up with quite the haul of candy and an all around good time.

Today, our daughter Kaileigh called and said she was stopping by with a present for Scrappy Doo. We had no idea what she was bringing but she was all a giggle about it. She showed up and as you can tell, went Xmas shopping for her dogs and picked up a little outfit for Ahhhh the humility, but if nothing else, he'll be ready for the, thanks so much Kaileigh!!!

We'll try to begin posting again, as things progress, so until next time..............see ya then.

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