Sunday, November 24, 2013

Kayaks and Tiki Bars, Whats not to Love!!!

 Saturday the weather finally cooperated and gave us a calm day. We had been wanting to get the kayaks out in the bay since we've been here, however the tropical breezes had a different plan. There is a small marina just down from the park here on base, it was perfect because it's located in a cove just off the main bay. So it was time to get the kayaks wet (us too) and get out on the water. We paddled around the cove, mainly exploring the shoreline and seeing what wildlife we could.

 Scrappy Doo even got in on the action, he's loves the water and really took to riding in the Kayak with me. At one time he decided to try and ride the bow, but with my cat like reflexes and a quick grab of the tail kept him inside the boat and not furry fish

 The water was calm enough we decided to paddle out into the bay a little. Ok, not actually the bay, but a channel right outside the cove. With the white sand beaches of the base on one side and a deserted barrier island on the other it was just beautiful paddling. Of course the camera died right after this shot, so you'll have to imagine the dolphins swimming in the channel just to the left. We also paddled on over to the island to the right and explored the beaches. What a great time out on the water and finally getting the kayaks wet!!!

 Of course whats a little work, with out a little fun??? We were invited down to the Enlisted Club tonight for $10.00 all you can eat and drink BBQ. It was the last day of the season for the Tiki Bar to be open, so they go out with a bang. We were surprised that more folks didn't show up, but then, Hey, more for us!!! The Tiki Bar as you can see is located right on the beach, what a great little find!!!

The Pensacola Light house as seen from the Tiki Bar, not my best night shot, but you get the idea. So another great day of fun and making new friends has come to a close. Take Care and we'll see you back here again.

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  1. Can you get stopped for KUI (Kayaking Under the Influence)??? ;c)