Friday, October 18, 2013

Sad Times

 As you know, we have been in Kansas for the past few weeks caring for Sheryl's sick Aunt. Last week the her Aunt finally gave in to the cancer. Sheryl was by her side and holding her hand as she passed, Sheryl is taking it pretty hard, as she was like a second mother to her. We didn't post at all, as this is a very private family matter.
We did move from Liberal out to the family farm closer to be closer to the rest of the family and take care of the final arrangements.

Quite a few family member came in from around the country, including our little Grand Daughter Clara. One of the lighter moments was noticing the kids were playing in the same little red wagon that Clara's mom, as well as Sheryl played in as a kid, just made us all smile.

We are now back in OKC for a couple of weeks for a couple of check up appointments. That's all for now, just letting everyone know why we have been out of touch for the last couple of weeks. We are beginning our travels again and back to enjoying life.

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  1. Our Sincere Condolences in the Loss of Your Loved One...Hugz from Bob & Dawn