Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Naval Aviation Museum and the Blue Angels

 While here at NAS Pensacola, Sheryl and I just had to take in the National Museum of Naval Aviation. This is by far one of the best done museums we have ever been to. There are are two large building housing more displays than you can shake a stick at (yes I as well as several outdoor displays. We were told by the folks at the RV Park to allow 2 days to see it properly, of course we thought that was kinda extreme, but they were more than right. We only spent a couple of hours and barely scratched the surface. One thing we can recommend is to take one of the guided tours, which we did. Our tour guide was a retired Navy Capt who was a Naval Pilot for 32 years, which was great as could inject a lot of personal experience in his tours. Long story short, if you ever get a chance to stay in Pensacola, FL. either on or off base, make it a point to go to the museum, you won't be disappointed...........heck, if nothing else it's free!!!

Today we heard what seemed like more than the normal aircraft noise that you come to expect at airbases. Stepped out of the rig to find the Navy Blue Angels were having a practice session. I grabbed the camera, went out to the road and manage to get a couple of good shots. One of the great parts about about the RV Park here on the base, is it's right across the street from the Blue Angels practice lucky were we, nothing like a private airshow with out the crowds!!!
That's been our last couple of days, so I think we'll take a day off to just chill. We wanted to get the kayaks out in the water here but the winds have bad the seas just alittle to rough for that, were hoping for a calm day before we head out though.
Ok, so until next time....................see ya back here soon!!!


  1. We enjoyed our stay at NAS Pensacola, used the Blue Angels CG. I really enjoyed the museum, too. But I can't decide which is better, this one or the USAF Museum in Ohio. I guess that gives me an excuse to revisit both of them. :c)

    1. Will have to check out the Ohio one also, to see which is the better, but then I may be a little