Friday, November 15, 2013

Plans Changed on the Fly

 There we were hanging out in OKC, when an executive decision was made, hey!, lets go to Florida and see our new grand son Mason. As written before we had put off our plans due to the short time we would have to go, but then the more we thought, the more we said, let's just do it!!!
So after a few days on the road, we arrived here in the Florida Panhandle. We've taken up residence at the NAS Pensacola Campground for the next two weeks. We were trying to decide how long to stay here, the two weeks or split it up with a week here and a week further down the road. The folks were so nice when we pulled in, with lots of campground activities, along with so much to see in this area, we decided to go ahead and stay for the two. The weather turned a little gloomy on us, but we were still able to take a walk on the beach, after all, that's what Snow Birds do in the winter in

This was Scrappy's first time at the beach and he just loves it, bounces everywhere and digs his little nose in the sand, then of course can't figure out why he's goes into a sneezing fit when he's

More to come on the campground and area as we get out and explore, so until then, we'll see you back here before long!!!


  1. How long are you going to be in the state of Florida for totally. We won't be arriving until between the holidays because the grands want us home for Christmas. Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. We'll be here until Jan/Feb sometime, then it's back to OKC for another Grand Baby.

  2. That's a great action shot of Scrappy! Enjoy your time in Florida!