Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Cumberland Covered Bridge and Blackford County Indiana

 Since we had a couple of days to kill and we pushed on through to the Decatur area from Cuba MO. it was another day of exploring the local area. Sheryl and I both had never seen a covered bridge, and since there happened to be one just down the road a bit, off we went.

 I know for many people who grow up around these simple things it's no big deal, but for some of us it's a throw back to the past and reminder of simpler times, even if we've never seen one before. The Cumberland Bridge is unique as it was washed away in the early 1900s, not long after being built. The folks in the area found the bridge about a mile down stream, recovered it and transported it back to it original place, all with 1900's rural era technology, quite an amazing feat for those days.

 After spending some time at the bridge and exploring the countryside we started back towards the campground and discovered a pleasant surprise. The small town close to the campground was actually the Blackford County Seat, complete with 1800 era town square and the massive courthouse taking center stage.

 At each corner of the courthouse grounds, there is a tribute to our Military and all of those from the local area (named) who died in each war since the Civil war.

 Beautiful Old Building

 Inside the Cumberland Bridge

 Decay off the Town Square

County Library

That was our outing while waiting for today to come. Today we move on over to the Fleetwood Factory Service Centers Campground and get ready for tomorrow's appointment. They are saying the service should only take 4-6 hours, we sure hope that's the case. Then we can continue our journey northward towards Wisconsin for a week or so visiting relatives.

That's it for now, we'll let you know how the service goes, so until then...................................

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