Saturday, September 26, 2015

Ozark NF, Arkansas

 We arrived back in OKC Thursday afternoon, but before heading out, I needed a long overdue wilderness fix. So Wednesday morning I plotted a course for the nearest Nation Forest land I could find. A route was put together and I was off. This trip was just a short ride north from Ft Smith along 30 miles or so of forest service roads.
 Along the way were several old homesteads, many of which are slowly returning to nature.

 Of course what are the Ozarks with out countless rocky creeks.

 This old storage building was built half into the side of a mountain.

 Miles and Miles of tree lined roads to help you escape from it all.

Of course the vistas aren't bad either. The only problem is finding them, as they are few and far between due to the dense foliage.
Looks like we will be here in OKC for 2-4 weeks depending on how the doctor appointments go. Sheryl's new primary care doc set her up with a few unexpected referrals, which is good, shows he cares and wants to get her taken care of. So as long as we are here, I have a short laundry list of items to get accomplished, Jeep needs an alignment and tire rotation, time for and oil change on the motorhome, getting new curtains for the front window, etc, etc, etc. Today we shampooed the carpet, boy did it need it, Sheryl couldn't believe how much dirt came up (and yes we vacuum
So one project crossed off the list. Hope you enjoyed the shots and we'll let you know how the other projects go, so until then..............................  

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