Saturday, August 29, 2015

Cuba MO. and a Few Miles of Route 66

 Today was exploration day here in central Missouri and our first stop was the small town of Cuba. Cuba is just like most of the small towns along the old Route 66, however it has the distinction of being known as Mural City. Of course this is from the several very well done murals which adorn many of the old building throughout the town.

 Many of them are so realistic you just have to take a second and third glance!!!

 After spending some time in Cuba, the map showed the town of Bourbon just up the road and with a name like that, we just had to check it out. We discovered the town was originally going to be named St Paul, however when the local storekeeper imported several barrels of bourbon whiskey for the Irish railroad workers and kept them displayed in front of his store, well the name was born.

 One of the things both Sheryl and I enjoy are small towns, old buildings and those old faded advertisements that adorn them. Bourbon had all three, with this old mansion in a sad state of repair.

 A little something you don't see everyday, and I had to take a second glance myself, is a large fish in a second story window of an old warehouse.

 Some pretty country along the old Mother Road, Route 66

Of course whats a trip along Route 66 without stopping by the local roadside attraction. This is the worlds largest rocking chair, as certified by the Guinness Book of World Records. There was also a cute shop along with the chair where we found a few trinkets and gifts for a couple of friends.
Well, that was our day out, we love getting off the beaten path when we can. All these places are right off I-44, so if you happen to be buzzing down that portion of our interstate system, hop off and slow down a little, never know what else you may run into.

Take Care and we'll see you next time...............................

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  1. I've been to Cuba...the other one and it sure wasn't as nice as the Cuba you visited! :c)