Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Two Rivers Wisconsin's Fishing Village Museum

 Two Rivers like most old sea/lakeside towns was once a thriving fishing village. The modern Two Rivers has retained a small portion of that history in it's fishing village museum set along the river. The fog gave the village an eerie old time feel and made for some interesting shots.

 Old Coast Guard Boat

 Restored Lighthouse

 Foggy Boardwalk

 Low clouds the other day reflecting the city lights back onto the water.

 A couple of sunset shots from last night as the rain moved out.

The last couple of days we've just been staying in as the rain and fog made sight seeing almost useless, not to mention just good days to stay in and do a whole lot of nothing. We are enjoying our time here, today it's sunny and warm so were off to explore the Maritime Museum in Manitowoc and pop in on our niece at work.  Ok, thats it for now and we'll see you back here before long.................

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