Thursday, June 11, 2015

Word of Warning

 I just wanted to post a word of warning to folks that have an electrical set up like the one pictured above. This is the type that plugs into your RV (not hardwired in). Please keep an eye on the plug itself and insure it is tight. The plug even if tight can wear after a while and become loose. Once they become loose they can begin to arc, burning up the plug and possibly your RV.

This just happened to the camp host here at the RV Park. The pole breaker tripped and she went out to reset it as all looked ok. She went back out a few minutes later, just to double check and found her RV on fire at the plug. Had she not gone out and checked, her RV would have been up in flames within a matter of minutes. Why am I telling you this? We had the same issue with our motorhome, luckily we were in the bedroom and smelt something electrical burning. When I went out and checked ours was smoking but had not caught fire yet. While having it fixed, our RV guy said it was a common problem with these kind of set ups. After hearing that, we had him hard wire our electric connection (problem solved). Anyway, if you have room to stow the cord, you may want to look at having your rig hard wired. If not, look at having your cord replaced with the ones that have a locking nut on them to prevent the cord from becoming loose with wear.

On another note, I had the first part of my crown work done, the second part may come Monday if the dentist gets it back in time, if not I may have to drive back from Arkansas or just wait till we return in July. Either way were leaving here on the 16th come heck or high water!!!

It also looks like more storms may come through the area next week, so we are going to have our new awning installed tomorrow instead of having him do it in the rain.

Ok, that's all for now and we'll see you soon...................................


  1. Thanks for the info. We have that type of cord.

  2. Wow, that was close! Glad my MH is already hardwired. :c)