Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Cedar Falls at Petit Jean SP, AR.

 Yesterday was a day out to Petit Jean State Park to see Cedar Falls. The park is approx 23 miles from our campsite so it was a pleasant drive through the country side. The park contains many foot trails of varying difficulty but the most traveled is the one to the falls.

 The trail is only a mile long, however the first half is strait down, steep and rocky. Once reaching the stream the trail levels out, still pretty rocky so you have to constantly watch your step. The trail follows the stream until it's end at the Falls.

 The falls cascade more than 90 feet to the small pond and creek below. The stone walls surround the pond along with the dense tree cover making it feel almost cave like. Spent a little time there photographing the falls and creek before starting back. By then the temps were well into the 90s and the humidity every bit of 100%. Needless to say I had quite the time hiking back up and out of the canyon and was pretty spent.

 After cooling down for a bit it was off to see Turtle Rocks. The area covers a few acres and all the rock looks like giant turtle shells, right down to the raised square designs on them. They were quite interesting to see.

Refection of the Falls

Arkansas has some beautiful State Parks and it seems none of them have entry fees, which is an added bonus. I can highly recommend Petit Jean SP if you happen to be in the are west of Little Rock off I-40. 

Our time here is almost up, we head out in the morning. We had a change of plans and are going back to OKC for a week, Sheryl has our Daughter-in-Laws Baby Shower to attend on Saturday. We were looking at heading out again after that, so stay tuned as you never know (heck we don't know half the time) where we'll end up, so until next time.........................................

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