Friday, June 26, 2015

Downtown Russellville Photowalk

 We've been back in OKC for a couple of days now, we were only going to stay for a week while Sheryl attends the Baby Shower. We decided with the 4th of July coming up, we didn't want to try and find a park then, so we went ahead and upped for two weeks.

Before leaving Russellville, I went to the Old Downtown area for a little Photowalk. I love the old downtown's of small town America, especially the one with the Town Squares. Russelville doesn't have a town square, however they have a fully restored old train station and have some very unique back alleys.

 Old train cars outside the station

 Original Billboards

 Flowers brighten the streets

 Painted windows behind an Art Studio

 Alleyway Patio

 Dr Pepper at the old Drug Store

 Rock Island Cars

 New Blooms against old Architecture

 Imagine the beauty in everything, because you never know if it's the last thing you will see.

Train Station and Tracks

Hope you enjoyed the shots, next time your in a small town, look down an alley or just under the surface, you never now what little gems you mite uncover.
Take Care and we'll see you next time.....................

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