Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Baby Shower

 Our main reason for coming back to OKC, was to attend the baby shower welcoming our newest Grandson. As with most baby showers, there were presents galore along with lots of friends and family in attendance.
 Sheryl with her son the proud PaPa and the mother to be.

Two Happy Grandmas. If you ask me they look way to young to be Grandmas!!!

The shower went off with out a hitch. This was also the first time we really got to meet and get to know the new moms side of the family. They were all great folks and we all had a good time. Just a few more weeks and we will really be welcoming the new little one into the world and both mom and dad are more than ready!!!

Other than that a couple more doctors appointments are in the bag. Sheryl had been complaining of a tooth ache for a couple of days now, so yesterday I had her call and get in to see the dentist. Well as luck would have it, an emergency root canal and crown was in order, poor girl. Actually I think, since I had to have one a couple of weeks ago, she just had to have one too...............lol. That's all the news that's fit to print for now, we'll see you back here again soon..........................

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  1. They are way too young to look like grandmothers, as for grandfathers, if the shoe fits... :cD