Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Russellville, AR.

 After riding out the rains in OKC for what seemed like days on end, we were able to make our escape and head towards Arkansas. A pretty uneventful 4 hour drive landed us in Russellville, AR and the Old Post Corps of Engineers (COE) Park on the Arkansas River. We scored a pretty good site, all thanks to our friends that were already here (more on them later).

 They reserved a site for us right next to them and right on the river. This our first time using a COE Park and we never realized they were so nice and for the NP Access Pass Price of 10.00 a night, you can't go wrong. Each site has water and elec but no sewer connection, so you do need to dump as needed. We are here for a week as of now and maybe a few days longer, but we'll decide on that later. Our only complaint, be it a minor one, is there is very poor over the air TV reception, 2 channels if your lucky and they come and go at will. There's also no radio stations to be had either, we found both these things kinda odd considering how close to town the park is. All in all a really nice park.

One of my many minor projects I've been meaning to do for some time now, was to get the garden flag holder set up on our flag pole. Well a quick trip to Lowes and a few minutes of time took care of that project Lickity Split

The other reason we were able to leave OKC (we were going to anyway) was my dentist put in a rush job for my crown. Luckily it came in on Monday and they were able to get me in that day, now I don't have to worry about going back or waiting another month to have it put on.

As I'm sitting here typing we are getting hit with Tropical Storm (or whats left of it) Bill. We're hoping it blows over and we can salvage the rest of the week and get out and do some exploring.

So that's all for now, we'll see you back here again soon.............................

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