Tuesday, June 2, 2015

A Little Sprucing Up, Paint Wise

 Another little project I took on today, was to paint the motorhome mirrors and storage compartment handles. As you can see they were beginning to look a little rough, so I though they could use some sprucing up. I still have not tackled painting the stripes, just too much constant wind here in OKC to mess with spay paint. However the mirrors I could do with a can of paint and small roller, so it was of to Walmart for supplies.

So with everything in hand, I got to work. As with any painting project the prep work took the longest. The mirrors and handles were cleaned and taped off, then a couple of coats of paint were applied. So for a few dollars and a couple of hours work, the motorhome has a fresh new look, I can just imagine how much better she'll look when the stripes are painted on.
Not a big project, but one that made a big impact and as long as we are just sitting here and it keeps me busy.

Our awning issue is finally on it's way to getting resolved. our RV guy submitted a quote to our insurance company and the settlement will pay for the awning in full, got to love that. The only problem we ran into was, we had hoped to have an automatic one installed, however the way the motorhome is laid out, there is no room for the new arms to be mounted to the side. So a nice new manual one will be the order of the day. Since the old awning hardware was in bad shape even before the storm, it'll be nice to have new.

That's been all that's happened these last couple of days, other than just hanging out. So until next time, thanks for following along with us................................

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  1. Looks good, Kevin! We have an automatic awning and I wish we had the manual, I can't tilt it for rain runoff.