Saturday, June 13, 2015

One Mans Trash........................

As the saying goes, One mans trash is another mans treasure, this rang true for us yesterday. While I was taking the trash out, there in the dumpster, perched on top, was a small stereo and speakers that had just been placed in there. It was a AM/FM CD Player, figuring one of the functions was not working I thought I'd gather it up, take it home and see what was or was not working. Ok, why was I dumpster diving in the first place?? Well I have been looking for a small stereo to mount in one of the underneath storage bays so we could listen to the music when were sitting outside. I just haven't been able to find just the right unit, or was not willing to pay the price they want for a small ones now. So when I saw this one just sitting there, it looked like it would fit the bill. The CD part is not working on it, but the radio works fine and I was able to find a nice spot for it next to the frig underneath. I'm sure glad I asked our RV Guy to run power to the storage bays and for the 4 outlet plug he installed.
This makes sitting out a little more entertaining.

On another note, we packed up and headed down to have our new awning installed yesterday, however he had order the wrong size awning for our rig. A new one is on order and we will have to wait till we come back at the end of July to have it installed.

Ok, just wanted to post a shot of our new find and say we're (well me) aren't to proud to dumpster See ya next time!!!


  1. Free from the dumpster is good. Nice you had a good use for it. Now about your dumpster diving, there is a 12 step program to help you get over it... :cD

    1. The Program only works if you want it I guess I'm out of luck

  2. At last you have found out. Have a nice time with it...