Monday, August 4, 2014

Motorhome Service and an Cool Old Jeep

 Today we dropped off our motorhome to have some routine maintenance done, brakes, trans, and wheel bearings. This is the first time we ever had to leave our home in someone else's hands, especially strangers. This is the only certified Ford large/medium truck shop in OKC, they don't take appointments, so you just drop it off and they call you when it's done (or with any unforeseen problems). Luckily, we have our daughters house to stay at, since it looks like they'll be keeping it for a couple days. Well, with any luck, it won't be too long or cost us and arm and a leg (we're expecting at least and After we get her back, we'll be on the road again and headed west.

Before leaving today, a gentleman came into the RV Park, towing this old Jeep CJ-5, and what caught my eye was the paint and graphics. As you may know I'm a Jeep guy, so after he got all set up I just had to go over and talk to him. Seems he just bought it not to long ago and had a little work done to make it drivable. Of course the main thing he had to do was remove the USMC lettering it came with and replace it with the more fashionable USAF (being a retired Air Force guy, you can see why). We chatted for a bit and he let me get some shots of it in return for a copy of the pictures I took, not a bad trade off.
As we pulled out today, I had a bit of a learning curve with the new tow bar, but after few hitches and unhitches I'll get the hang of it. I really like the stone shield, just gives that little peace of mind that your towed vehicle wont be damaged by flying rocks and such.
That's it for now, we hope to be on the road tomorrow, but it will all depend on the shop. So until next time.................................

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