Sunday, August 10, 2014

Foss Lake State Park, Oklahoma

 We picked up the motorhome on Friday ($1887.00 lighter in our account) but well worth the peace of mind knowing everything is up to snuff, and promptly headed west. Our journey didn't take us too far as we planned on stopping at Foss Lake State Park in Western Oklahoma for a few days. The park is pretty much centered around a large lake mainly used for fishing and general recreation. The lake is down pretty far as most all seem to be due to the ongoing drought, but is still pretty. The park has several campgrounds open to RVers, 110 sites with elec and water, but only 10 with full hook ups.

 We chose one of the full hook up sites as we were going to be here for a few days. The full hook up sites are very close together, but most of the partial hook up site have much more room. I think next time we stay here it'll be in one of those. The sites are pretty level and either grass or gravel.

Sunsets at the lake can be pretty amazing.

One of the more interesting and unusual attractions at the park is the large herd of Buffalo they have on a 460 acre preserve surrounding the visitors center. The Buffalo normally stay down in a back draw or over one of the hills out of sight. However on Saturday Mornings, the brunch bell is rung and the rangers lead a stampede of the big fellows right up to a viewing area behind the visitors center. There is a small deck you can watch from, or like me, get right down by the fence and get face to face with them.

 It's quite a sight to see and once the hay is gone, like most of us after a hearty meal, they settle in for some down time. This day they spent most of the day around the water hole at the viewing area. These Buffalo are not domesticated in any way, they are just as wild as any of the herds roaming the larger preserves.
Our time here at Foss Lake will be up in the morning and we have plans to head on over to Dumas, TX. (just north of Amarillo) to visit Sheryl's sister for a couple of days, before continuing our adventure west.
That's it for now and we'll see your from the Great State of Texas in our next posting, so until then....................


  1. That was quite a tab for your MH repairs, but it is money well spent. I bet it ran great and your peace of mind was priceless. I've had a few bills like that over the years, but it is worth it in the long run, keeps you safely on the road and not broken down beside it!

    Great pix of the buffaloes, fascinating animals. I never tire of watching them.

  2. Thanks Paul. It did hurt a bit, but we did have quite a lot done at one time, playing catch up.