Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Entering Colorado and a Rude Awakening

 We left Guymon, OK. Monday and headed north toward and into Colorado. I wanted to stop at the welcome to Co sign for pictures but that seemed to be a popular place with a couple of semi's and wide load escort trucks. So we pushed onward to the town of Springfield. Sheryl's Great Grand Parents homesteaded this area and she wanted to do a little research plus visit the Cemetery where most were buried. After spending a couple of hours in Springfield, we left for Lamar to the north.

 We got checked into the campground on the outskirts of Lamar and took a little walk around. The last thing we expected to find (here or anywhere) was this, a VA Clinic made out of a goose neck trailer and trailer box hooked up to the campground utilities, interesting and amusing at the same time.

 We saw this on the back of the VA Trailer, who says they don't have a sense of

 We awoke Tuesday and prepared to head out. As I was doing my check, I found this, dang it!!!

 Which lead to this...................

 Which lead to this.......................

Now, you would think calling your Roadside Assistance Carrier and Having your tire fixed would be a fairly simple and painless would be wrong or at least in our case we First we called Good Sam, who were very helpful, but they said we had to buy a new tire and could not have the old one fixed. I was not about too buy a 400.00 tire until we had this one looked at. Next we called our insurance providers roadside Asst, but they weren't much help either. They sent out a guy in a pick up with a jack and some hand tools................that was no help as couldn't get the tire off. Long story shorter, I aired up the tire and limped the rig down to the local tire shop. They found a nail in the tire, removed it and put a good patch on it. We were good to go after that and of course several wasted hours.

We finally made it on the road headed west this time and our first view of the Southern Colorado Mountains, our destination for the next few weeks. Ahhhhh cooler temps and beautiful scenery all around us!!! Above is the view from County Rd 10 west out of La Junta. We made to our destination for the next week, La Veta, CO. and the I Love Lucy's Place RV Park, but more on that later. So until then..............................

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  1. Good thing you did a "pre flight" check on the MH and caught that tire problem. Glad to hear you were able to get it repaired, $400 saved! :c)