Thursday, July 31, 2014

Mods-The Final Chapter

 The final modification we made, was to pull out the dining room booth style set up, which we hated ever since we bought the rig, and replace it with a free standing style table and chairs. First up, was to remove both booths, which came out pretty easy. This left us with the table which is attached to the wall. We wanted to leave it attached to keep it secure while underway, but it needed to be repositioned up to fit the new chairs. While relocating the table, I also had to relocate a 110 outlet, which took a little figuring, but was pretty easy to do. Next we headed over to Lowes and picked up two Oak finished upper kitchen cabinets 12" deep X 24" wide. One cabinet was placed on each side of the table for a total with of 6'. We also picked up a 6'X12" prefinished board to go on top of the cabinets and over the table. Both the new table top and board were given an oak finish to match the rest of the interior. We picked up the chairs here on base for a pretty good price. So now we have the free standing dinette we have always wanted and with the cabinets, we didn't loose any of the under bench storage space.

The Jeep also needed new shoes. The old tires were beginning to show cracking next to the rim and didn't want to take the chance of a blow out while towing. With our up coming trip toward Colorado and Utah we wanted a good All Terrain tire for those times when we want to get out on the trails. We went with the Cooper ATP's from Discount Tire. I had read some pretty good reviews and they are priced right, so we'll see how they do. It's always nice to have the peace of mind new tires give you, both on the motorhome and Jeep.
So that is the bulk of our upgrades and modifications we have made over the past two weeks. Tim at Country RV was the biggest help, he troubleshoots the best way to install something and again his rates are more than reasonable. In fact, for all the work he did, he charged us less that what the local dealer wanted just to restring the blinds, now that's a deal!!!
We are pulling out of the Tinker Campground tomorrow (Friday) and turning the rig into the local Heavy Duty Ford shop for brakes, bearing and transmission service before heading west into the higher mountains. These are just normal service items for our mileage, it's just convenient that they need servicing now before the trip.
That's it for now, so we'll see you back here before long with reports from the road!!!

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  1. That table set up came out great! Your MH is starting to look like a high end rig with all your mods! :c)