Friday, August 22, 2014

Spanish Peaks Area around La Veta, Colorado

 Sheryl and I ventured out the other day to explore the Spanish Peaks area just outside La Veta, and just down from the RV Park. We spent about 2 hours out and about to get a feel for the area. Above is the view from the road up to Bear Lake.

The wall as seen from CO 12.
 Mountain Stream

 Meadows and Mountains
 Flowers by the Stream
The Twin Peaks or as the American Indians of the area call them "The Breasts of the Earth"

We have been enjoying this area and the Small Town of La Veta. It is your standard little mountain town with a short but lively main street. Yesterday was Farmers Market day, we took advantage of the fresh grown veggies for last nights pasta dish, it's amazing the difference in taste compared to supermarket veggies. Town is just a couple of blocks down from the RV Park and I have been enjoying so much  forget to take the camera to get shots of the town. Oh well maybe next posting.
Not much else going on, just exploring the town, area and enjoying the weather, August and the high so far has been 80. So, until next time.......................see ya then.


  1. Nice pictures, especially that reflection one. You do have an eye for photography! :c)