Sunday, August 25, 2013

Lake Stanley Draper, OKC, OK.

 Saturday, I thought I'd take the Jeep out and actually get a little dirt on the tires. My destination, Lake Stanley Draper on the south side of OKC. It's a pretty large lake with several large fingers extending from it. There is also a dirt road which follows the shoreline, making for approx 20 miles of dirt. This it the Jeeps maiden voyage off the paved roads and she did surprisingly well.

Some of the road was a little less travelled (yes theres a road under

 Some areas were just long stretches with some surprisingly large washed out areas.

 And some areas were just off limits......Darn!!!

But for the most part they looked like this, just a pleasant 20 mile drive around a beautiful lake. After being cooped up in the house for a week with that darn cold, it was nice to get out.

Looking forward to getting the Jeep out more during our stay tuned and we'll see you next time.

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