Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Flag Pole Find

We have been wanting to get a flagpole of some sort for a quite a while now, just wasn't sure on which one. I have been looking at several different types and pretty much settled on the Flag Pole Buddy that attaches to the rear ladder on the motorhome. Of course I always have a hard time parting with a "C" Note or more for anything, so I kept putting it off. Well, during my time of procrastination, a gentleman pulled into the park and set up a couple of flagpoles as the one above. During one of our evening walks, we saw them outside, and stopped for a visit. We found out he makes them and sells them to anyone who would like one. No advertising, just word of mouth or inquires such as ours. Sheryl and I talked about this new to us style, she brought up the fact of, why don't we get one we can enjoy seeing also, as apposed to the ladder mount, where we can't. The next day I walked over and picked one up from him, He also makes a couple of accessories for them, a place to mount/hang a sign, or two garden flags. We chose the sign mount style (now we just have to find a nice name sign). They are very easy to make, so we will make a garden flag one also for a little variety.
Just thought we share our find with you, it makes our campsite just a little nicer and more inviting. So if you ever see us around, feel free to stop by and peck on the door, as were always up for meeting new folks. Take care for now and we'll see you out there!!!

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