Thursday, August 8, 2013

Interior Renovations

 Another project accomplished during our time away from the blog, was to renovate the inside of the motorhome and Sheryl get's all the credit for the great way it turned out. Seeing as our rig is 13 years old, the original furniture was pretty worn and broken down. So out with the old and in with the new couch and chair that is. After much research, Sheryl found a good deal on both pieces at Camping World. Picking them up ourselves and installing them helped save us a bunch in the process. Some accent pillows and nick kacks round everything out.
 Next item up, was the dining room bench's, this called for recovering. Sheryl found just the color and type of fabric she wanted to accent the rest of the rig. She also found a local upholstery shop to put it all together, we think they did a great job!

Along with the new furnishings, came new carpet and real hardwood flooring throughout. We managed to find a fantastic RV shop who did the work for 1/3 the price most others charged. He may be inexpensive but does quality work (this time you really get more than you pay for!!!).  Residential carpet and padding sure feels nice on the ole feet!!!

We are really happy with the way everything turned out. Another one of Sheryl's ideas, was to paint an accent wall and apply decals. You can see it in the first picture, we also painted the back wall in the bedroom the same color, so when you are looking towards the rear of the rig, it ties everything together. I think she should go into the business of RV interior designer, as good as she is at it!!!

Another installment down and more to come, so check back in a couple of days to see whats next!!!

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