Monday, November 2, 2015

Halloween Fun

 This Halloween weekend we stopped in Dallas to see our Kids and Grand Kids before continuing south towards Florida. We had a great visit with all of them. It was fun seeing how much the little ones have grown (and boy they grow fast!!!). Of course it was good to see our daughter and her husband also. It being Halloween weekend made it extra special, as we got too be involved in the holiday festivities with the little ones. Here is the official start of Halloween, with the caving of the pumpkins.

 Our daughter seemed to get a little frustrated with the carving, so Sheryl stepped in to finish the job.

 We ended up with a couple of good looking Jack-O-Lanterns if I do say so my self.

 But of course the star of the show, our little grandson in his Fireman outfit.

 First stop was a local Halloween festival for the kids. It was full of games, prizes and of course candy.

 The littlest one was just a bit to little to enjoy it all, but he did get to come along for everything.

 The first stop on the Trick or Treat parade.

It was a great weekend spent with family. Having it be a interactive holiday made it all the more special for us, and we enjoyed every minute of it.
However today came around and it was time to leave. We took off with our sights set Southeast. After a long drive (by our standards) we made it into Jackson, MS. and are dry camping at the local Flying J. Tomorrow we will head on into Pensacola FL, a day ahead of schedule (hopefully we'll be able to check in early) That's it for now, just wanted to catch up on the Halloween post................ok, until next time.....................

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