Sunday, November 15, 2015

Leaving Pensacola

 Looks like our time here in Pensacola, FL is coming to an end. Tomorrow we head out for Jacksonville, FL and the Mayport Navel Station. We have really enjoyed our time here and have done a whole lot of just relaxing. However that does not mean we haven't been keeping ourselves entertained. Sheryl has been busy working on Christmas presents for our kids and grand-kids.

 As well as getting in the Christmas spirit with some craft projects. Sheryl is a Snowman fanatic and made these cute little guys. Now I just have to mount them so the'll stand up.

 We had a Veterans Day Breakfast with friends at a local diner. It just so happened to be our friends birthday so we killed two birds with one stone.

 We found a great place for drinks right on the beach, Did a little beach combing and watched another amazing sunset.

 Seems you can never have too many amazing sunsets!!!

While getting ready to head home, I found this sign in the bar. Don't see too many Sunday services taking place in bars, but hey, what ever brings you in. The sign just struck me funny and had to get a shot of it.

So that is it from Sunny Pensacola Fl, next stop the East Coast on our trek toward Key West. So Stay Tuned and we'll see you next time...............................


  1. Glad you enjoyed your time in Pensacola but there is more to come down the road especially when you get to the Keys.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. A sad day having to leave such a beautiful area, but Mayport will certainly ease the pain.

    Just outside the Mayport gate in a little strip mall is an amazing Thai place, you MUST try it!

    1. Oh yes, Mayport is a great park and we have a front row spot.

  3. Now that sign is really a hoot. Wonder if it brings many people in.

    1. We kinda wondered ourselves. Too early for us, to find out